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Dvortcsak Speech and Language Services, Inc
Focusing on Children with Autism & Social Communication Disorders
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Speech and Language Therapy

 DSLSI provides in home speech and language services to enhance children’s social communication skills. Treatment is individualized based on family and child needs and goals are updated frequently to ensure progress.

A variety of treatment methodologies are used including aspects of developmental approaches and applied behavior analysis. Treatment techniques are chosen based on the child’s individualized goals.

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Autism and Speech Therapy
Autism is a neurodevelopmental condition that is manifested by the person experiencing difficulty in communicating - particularly in using language and understanding abstract concepts. As such, those who have autism often have trouble communicating and interacting with others.

Children with autism require various therapies in order to learn the skills that most of us take for granted. One standard program prescribed for those with autism is speech therapy.

Dvortcsak Speech and Language Services, Inc provides in-home speech therapy services for kids with autism. This would be the most convenient setting for the kids as they are taught at home during natural interactions and daily routines which helps the child use new skills in a variety of situations. 

In fact, research shows that consistent in-home speech therapy is most effective when it is started before the child turns three years old.