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Dvortcsak Speech and Language Services

Dvortcsak Speech and Language Services Incorporated (DSLSI) was founded by Anna Dvortcsak in 2006 in Portland Oregon to provide in home services to enhance children’s social communication skills. The mission of DSLSI is to improve children’s engagement and communication with others and to enhance their ability to participate in family and daily routines.


Anna Dvortcsak is a licensed speech pathologist in private practice in Portland, Oregon. She provides individual and group training to families with children with autism and related disorders, individualized speech and language services, and training to professionals working with children with autism and related disorders. Anna also consults with school districts, private practices, and hospitals to train staff to use naturalistic treatment strategies to enhance children’s engagement, imitation, language, and play skills and to use parent mediated interventions. Together with Dr. Brooke Ingersoll Anna developed Teaching Social Communication to Children with Autism (Guilford Press, 2010). This program is a parent implemented intervention that focuses on improving children’s social engagement, language, imitation, and play skills. The techniques used in this program share elements from both developmental approaches and naturalistic behavior approaches.


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Anna also has experience in conducting research on the efficacy of treatment methodologies, presenting information on treatments for children with autism, and training professionals to use naturalistic treatment approaches. She has presented her findings at ASHA’s annual conference, OSHA, and in peer-review articles and chapters. In October of 2006 Anna received the Outstanding Teaching award from the Oregon Speech and Hearing Association for development of the Parent Training Program.

Anna Dvortcsak’s books are now available:

Teaching Social Communication to Children with Autism:

A Manual for Parents


Teaching Social Communication to Children with Autism:

A Practitioner's Guide to Parent Training and A Manual for Parents